Recent operations of Optimum Petroleum Development
  • Recent Shell discovery Bobo-1 south of OPL 310 and the mahogany discovery in Ghana indicates the high hydrocarbon potential of this basin.
  • Optimum Petroleum has done substantial seismic work on the block including 1,200 km 2-D and 400 square km 3-D
Aje 4 drilled
Aje 4 drilled and hit five zones with hydrocarbon. Combined, three distinct hydrocarbon zones were found in the primary objective with a cumulative gross column of about 460 feet, of which about 305 feet is gas condensate and 155 feet is oil.
Aje 1 and Aje 2 wells drilled
Aje 1 well drilled and tested (cumulative) 60.2 mmcfd, 2389 bopd and 1729 bcpd from Turonian sands. October, Aje 2 well drilled and tested up to 18 mmcfd, 3866 bopd and 450 bcpd from Turonian sands, and 3743 bopd of 42 deg API oil from Cenomanian sands.